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Due to the kindness of Brothers in Christ, an organization that provides music and on-line church services for truck drivers (that are also accessible on their mobile phones), The Cerces have been given a 24/7 Internet Gospel Radio Station. Simply click HERE and you will be taken directly to it, where you can listen on your computer.

Dave Kyllonen, of The Couriers, takes care of the Monday night radio services for this trucker radio station, and he has recently asked Cliff Cerce to preach messages in some of the Monday night church services to the truckers over the regular "Brothers in Christ" radio station, and both Dave and Cliff''s sermons are archived on their website.

You can also find the "Brothers on Christ" ministry materials on their website, including nightly church services (that are also archived) and Gospel music. Just go to www.walkwithChristgospelradio.com and scroll down to "Brothers in Christ in the love of the Lord".