Anita Cerce is originally from Pell City, Alabama and has been a Southern Gospel Music lover all of her life. Her Dad, Buck Smith, has been the manager and first tenor of the well-known Royal Masters Quartet of the Birmingham area since Anita was a little girl in elementary school. She has fond memories of special weekends when she was allowed to go along.....usually being one of the first ones on the bus, asking where they were going. She spent many of those adolescent  weekends on her Dadís groupís bus, where she saw first-hand in the concerts what the Lord could do in the lives of those who turned to Him. She sang and traveled in youth choirs as a teen and later, as a young adult, was heavily involved in the bus ministry of a large church. People are struck by her sincerity and by her conviction as she sings beautifully of her Savior. It is fitting that Anita now invests her life in this ministry, as she gave her heart to the Lord at a  Gospel Concert in  her pre-teen years.  Now, she rejoices that God has given her the opportunity  to use her lovely voice to spread the message of the Gospel to those in need.



Cliff Cerce is the baritone, piano player and manager of the group. He also  arranges all of the group's music. Originally from Paterson, NJ, Cliff is a former Lead Pastor and Evangelist, and traveled previously with The Gabriels and The Forerunners. Cliff was a studio musician, recording engineer and producer, having produced projects for James Blackwood, The Couriers and Dan Betzer, among others, and worked with The Couriers  with their TV ministry. He also produced and engineered "Revivaltime" for 8 years, which was the official radio broadcast of a major denomination,  airing in 600 markets in 85 countries. He is also presently on the pastoral staff of Lakeside Family Worship Center as the Outreach Pastor and also teaches at Lakeside School of Ministry, the church's accredited Bible College which provides ministry training for students. His desire is to see souls saved and saints encouraged and uplifted through these ministry opportunities.