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The Cerces Perform at Benefit Concert for Larry Ferguson Family in Louisville, KY

The Cerces with Larry Ferguson at the benefit concert.

The Cerces were one of the artists appearing at the special benefit concert for Larry Ferguson on Saturday, August 2, 2008. Larry Ferguson was Dottie Rambo's manager, and was severely injured in the tragic bus crash that took her life. The concert was held at the Shively Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. 

In addition to The Cerces, the following artists  appeared:
Aaron Wilburn, Firm Foundation, Kenny Bishop, Sunday Edition, Keith Marcum, Kristian Booth, and Jackie Lamb Ministry.
Also, Larry Ferguson spoke to the crowd and Christian Ferguson, Larry and Judy's son, sang Dottie Rambo's great song, "I Go to the Rock."

The concert was being promoted by The Brannin Agency of Gaffney, SC.

The Cerces were among those that sang at the opening of a concert with Dottie Rambo, just 3 weeks before her tragic death. Cliff Cerce had the opportunity of praying for Larry Ferguson and  Chris Barnes (members of Dottie's team) and bus driver Ronnie Meadows in the ICU the day after the bus crash. The Cerces felt honored to be allowed to participate in this special concert, and encourage all of their fans and supporters to give liberally to help Larry with his medical expenses. Those still wishing to make a donation may make their check payable to "Larry Ferguson" and may send it to The Brannin Agency, PO Box 1333, Gaffney, SC 29342