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The Cerces Become a Husband and Wife Duet Team


Cliff and Anita Cerce

The Cerces became a Husband and Wife Duet team in January of 2013, instead of continuing as part of a trio. Also, Cliff accepted the position of Outreach Pastor at Lakeside Family Worship Center in Marshfield, Missouri in November of 2013. As a result, The Cerces are still traveling, but on a more limited basis. They will still be available for Revival meetings, in addition to appearing in church and event concerts. 

Cliff is heading up the church's outreach ministries, but Pastor Joe Campbell, the church's Pastor, has made it clear that Cliff and Anita are not to forsake their ministry on the road, as that is also their calling. So, much of their outreach work will be done through the course of the week, including working with the new converts, promoting and helping evangelistic witnessing efforts with training and opportunities, helping to feed and clothe those in need, ministering to the shut-ins, and with hospital visitation. Cliff will also continue teaching in Lakeside School of Ministry, the church's accredited Bible College which provides ministry training for students. Cliff will, with the Lord's guidance, help to match the students' gifts, abilities, and ministries to opportunities for ministry that will surface in the days to come, in the surrounding area.

The group's former lead singer Terry Yarham, who was with the group from 2002 to 2004, and again from 2007 until December of 2012, accepted other full-time employment that interfered with the group's weekend travel and, as a result, he reluctantly resigned from the group. He is eager to pursue new opportunities as they surface, and we wish him God's best. We regard Terry and Lori, his wife, and their 3 sons as family - and  we trust they will be blessed in all of their future endeavors.