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The Cerces Release "Tribute to the Booth Brothers" CD

Ronnie Booth, from The Booth Brothers, approached us and suggested that The Cerces do a CD of their songs, as some of the type of harmonies The Cerces do are in the same style as The Booth Brothers. Needless to say, we were shocked, and we thanked them  enthusiastically. So - with their help - we recorded and released "Tribute to The Booth Brothers by The Cerces". The photo for the cover art for the CD was taken - with both The Booth Brothers and The Cerces together on the cover, and it features many of The Booth Brothers' greatest hits, including Still Feelin' Fine, He Saw it All, Look For Me, No More, Going in Style, I Would, Thank Him for the Miracle, What Salvation's Done for Me, Then I Met the Master, and more.

Music Clips can be heard by clicking on our MUSIC button, on the left.

Thank you to The Booth Brothers for making this possible.